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This is an educational site that is intended for the home user of personal computers. The material is concerned with teaching some basic points about how to use personal computers and how they and their Windows operating systems work.

Understanding and Using Personal Computers
The site includes material on the Windows operating system for both novices and more advanced PC users. There are interactive tutorials for beginners on very basic subjects and numerous articles at a variety of levels. Topics include system configuration and tweaks, file management, computer maintenance, security and fundamentals of using PCs. There is a separate section covering the Internet. There are also a number of PowerPoint™ presentations that are available for downloading. All material is copyrighted. Reproduction on another site is prohibited without permission of the author.

A site with tutorials for beginners and average PC users
I have completely revamped the sister site Windows for Beginners and added much additional material.

A site on the command line in Windows
Windows may be a graphical user interface but the command line can be a very useful and powerful adjunct. I have created a site where many of the command line tools are discussed. Both the Command Prompt and the Run line are covered. Pages from the present site covering these topics have been updated and moved and new pages have been added.

Windows Vista
This separate site covers what the average PC user needs to know about the new operating system. System requirements, what's new, and tips for its use are among the topics.

New A site demystifying the Registry
The Windows Registry is not as mysterious as it's made out to be. This site explains what everyone should know about the Registry and how even home PC users can make changes in the Registry.

Computer Education

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